Morphosis is a design proposal for a sustainable, flexible and modular luxury line of furniture. Utilising highest grade of sustainable materials, the design endeavours to morph into different types of furniture, thereby aiding longevity as the project grows with the needs of the customer. The bed frame for a toddler can be changed to a chaise lounge, a chair into a table. And all this should be able by simple replacement of parts. Moreover, the furniture line is a tool-less assembly, which simplifies the design overall whilst minimising materials.

Aesthetically, the design was influenced by both Japanese architecture (such as Kengo Kuma) and ancient Japanese carpentry joinery techniques. These techniques have been used for centuries to build huge, strong wooden temples without the use of a single nail.

Here I developed my skills using Autodesk's 3DS Max rendering software, in which all the designs were executed. I then continued to render the furniture in both isolation and in furnished settings.

The images below will showcase the design stages.


The images below show technical aspects, functionality, assembly and customisation of the product. Descriptions will be shown on hover.

To see the full visual presentation for Morphosis, which will contain more information on materials and other aspects, click the image below.

Visual Presentation


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